Explore Your New City on Foot: The Best Running Routes in New York City

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New York City is simply a vibrant metropolis pinch a wealthiness of moving opportunities for transplants and long-time locals alike. From scenic waterfront paths to challenging elevation routes, nan metropolis boasts a divers scope of moving routes to suit each levels of experience. Whether you conscionable moved into an apartment successful New York aliases are looking to acquisition your first home successful nan area, location are galore routes to thief you enactment progressive each while exploring your caller city. We’ll return a look astatine nan 11 champion moving routes successful New York City, covering everything from iconic parks to hidden gems disconnected nan beaten track. So lace up your sneakers and get fresh to research your caller metropolis connected foot.

Runners successful Dumbo

1. Central Park 

Central Park is 1 of nan astir celebrated moving routes successful New York City. The parkland comprises complete 800 acres and offers a number of trails and paths which characteristic rolling hills, dense forests, and serene lakes. The astir celebrated way for runners is nan 6-mile loop astir nan park’s perimeter, which offers a assortment of elevations. 

The loop originates and ends astatine nan southeast area of nan park, adjacent nan intersection of 59th Street and 5th Avenue, and follows nan park’s outer path. Along nan way, runners tin bask stunning views of nan Great Lawn, nan Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, and nan Central Park Zoo. The way includes respective challenging hills, including Harlem Hill and Cat Hill.

For those looking for a shorter run, location are shorter trails including nan Bridle Path, a 1.66-mile way that winds done nan park’s woodlands, and nan 1.7-mile Reservoir Loop, which offers scenic h2o and skyline views.

Central Park is besides nan location of nan decorativeness statement for galore notable races specified arsenic nan TCS New York City Marathon and nan United Airlines NYC Half

Central Park

2. Flushing-Meadows Corona Park

Located successful Queens, Flushing-Meadows Corona Park covers astir 900 acres and offers moving trails that upwind done unfastened fields, lush forests, and respective lakes.

The astir celebrated way for runners is nan 2.2-mile loop astir Meadow Lake. The loop originates and ends astatine nan Unisphere, a ample globe sculpture that is 1 of nan park’s astir recognizable landmarks.  Along nan way, runners tin bask views of Meadow Lake, nan Queens Museum, nan Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, and nan New York State Pavilion. 

For those looking for a longer, much challenging run, Flushing Meadows Corona Park offers nan Flushing Bay Promenade, a scenic waterfront way that has stunning views of nan metropolis skyline, and nan Willow Lake Trail, a 1.25-mile ungraded way that winds done nan park’s woodlands. 

Flushing Meadows Globe

3. West Side Highway

The West Side Highway moving way is simply a celebrated moving way successful New York City. Located on nan Hudson River connected nan westbound broadside of Manhattan, nan way covers astir 13 miles and offers a divers setting.

The way originates astatine Battery Park successful Lower Manhattan and follows nan Hudson River Greenway northbound to nan George Washington Bridge successful nan Bronx.  Along nan way, runners tin bask a number of stops including parks for illustration Hudson River Park, Little Island, Pier 57, and Riverside Park, and landmarks for illustration nan Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

One of nan highlights of nan West Side Highway moving way is nan views it offers of nan Manhattan skyline and nan Hudson River. Runners tin bask stunning views of nan Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, and nan Empire State Building.

4. Prospect Park

The Prospect Park moving way is simply a celebrated and scenic destination for runners successful New York City. Located successful Brooklyn, Prospect Park has complete 500 acres.

The astir celebrated way for runners is nan 3.35-mile loop astir nan park’s perimeter, which offers a challenging and varied workout. The loop originates and ends astatine Grand Army Plaza, a historical entranceway to nan parkland that features a ample arch and a statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman. Along nan way, runners tin bask stunning views of nan park’s galore landmarks, including nan Long Meadow, nan Boathouse, and nan Prospect Park Zoo. 

For those looking for a much leisurely run, Prospect Park offers a assortment of different moving routes and trails. These see nan Nethermead, a 1.5-mile way that winds done nan park’s woodlands, and nan 1.7-mile Lake Trail, which offers scenic views of nan reservoir and nan park’s galore waterfowl.

Prospect Park

5. East River Greenway

The East River Greenway is simply a scenic way that stretches on nan eastbound separator of Manhattan. The way is astir 9 miles and originates astatine Battery Park. From there, you’ll tally northbound on nan East River, passing done neighborhoods for illustration nan Financial District, Two Bridges, and nan Lower East Side and respective landmarks, specified arsenic nan Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, Fulton Ferry Landing, and nan South Street Seaport Museum.

As you proceed north, nan way takes you done respective waterfront parks, including East River Park, Stuyvesant Cove Park, and Carl Schurz Park. These parks connection plentifulness of greenish abstraction making them awesome spots for a mid-run break.

The last agelong of nan East River Greenway takes you to Midtown Manhattan, wherever you’ll walk nan Gracie Mansion and nan United Nations headquarters. The way ends astatine Harlem River Drive, wherever you tin either move backmost and retrace your steps aliases proceed connected to research much of nan city.

East River Greenway

6. Queens Waterfront 

The Queens Waterfront way is located successful Long Island City, Queens, and follows nan East River waterfront for astir 3.5 miles.

The way originates astatine Hunters Point South Park and follows a paved way that winds northbound on nan waterfront, passing done respective parks, including Gantry Plaza State Park and Rainey Park.

Along nan way, runners tin bask beautiful views of nan Manhattan skyline and nan East River, arsenic good arsenic respective historical landmarks and taste attractions, specified arsenic nan Pepsi-Cola motion and nan Old Queensboro Bridge.

The Queens Waterfront way is comparatively flat, making it a awesome action for runners of each levels.


7. Rockaway Beach 

Located successful nan Rockaways, a peninsula successful Queens that juts retired into nan Atlantic Ocean, nan Rockaway Beach way follows a boardwalk for astir 5.5 miles.

The way originates astatine Beach 9th Street and heads eastbound towards Beach 149th Street, offering stunning views of nan water and nan Rockaway Beach coastline on nan way. The boardwalk is wide and flat, making for a dependable run.

If you tally during nan summer, you’ll beryllium judge to spot surfers, beachgoers, and residents who are drawn to nan area’s laid-back vibe and earthy beauty.

Rockaway Beach

8. Williamsburg to Dumbo

The Williamsburg to Dumbo moving way is simply a stunning way that takes you done immoderate of nan astir vibrant neighborhoods successful Brooklyn. The way covers a region of astir 5 miles.

Starting successful Williamsburg, nan way originates astatine McCarren Park and takes you done nan bosom of nan neighborhood, known for its trendy cafes, boutique shops, and thoroughfare art. You’ll tally down Bedford Avenue earlier turning to tally towards Domino Park.

As you time off Williamsburg, nan way takes you past nan Williamsburg Bridge, arsenic you tally down Kent Street earlier merging onto Flushing Ave and up Navy St.

From there, you’ll participate Dumbo, a bustling waterfront vicinity known for its cobblestone streets, historical buildings, and stunning views of nan Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

The last agelong of nan way takes you on Brooklyn Bridge Park, a beautiful waterfront parkland pinch plentifulness of greenish abstraction and recreational activities. 

Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo

9. Coney Island Boardwalk

The Coney Island Boardwalk moving way is simply a unsocial way that is astir 4 miles round-trip. The way takes you on nan iconic boardwalk of Coney Island, a celebrated formation and amusement park. It’s besides nan decorativeness statement of nan RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon.

The way originates astatine nan West 8th Street-New York Aquarium subway position and takes you straight onto nan boardwalk, wherever you tin bask water views of nan Atlantic Ocean and nan beach. As you tally on nan boardwalk, you’ll walk by nan Cyclone roller coaster, nan Wonder Wheel, and nan historical Nathan’s Famous basking canine stand.

If you tally during nan summer, you’ll besides spot plentifulness of thoroughfare performers, nutrient vendors, and souvenir shops, adding to nan vibrant and festive ambiance of nan boardwalk. 

As you adjacent nan extremity of nan route, you’ll scope Brighton Beach, a vicinity known for its divers organization and delicious Russian and Eastern European cuisine. 

Coney Island

10. Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park is simply a ample parkland located successful nan Bronx. The parkland offers a assortment of moving routes, including a challenging cross-country people arsenic good arsenic a 5K way loop.

The astir celebrated moving way successful Van Cortlandt Park is nan “Big Loop,” a 1.5-mile loop that circles nan park’s cardinal meadow. This loop includes paved and ungraded paths and offers scenic views of nan park’s fields and woods. 

For those looking for a longer run, Van Cortlandt Park offers a 5-mile way that takes runners done nan park’s woods and complete a scenic bridge. 

Van Courtlandt Park

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